Your First Visit

What to expect:

“It is so relaxing here”, is the common response once patients arrive. My goal is that you will feel safe, comfortable, and at ease in the clinic space. It is a private place you can be yourself without judgement or expectation.

Your first appointment will consist of a consultation discussing your history, condition(s) to be treated and treatment plan. My treatment philosophy is that an informed patient is a healthy patient.  Along those lines, I may recommend lifestyle and dietary changes as well as educate you about the Chinese medicine view of your condition and what will help or hinder the healing process.

After the consultation, you will lay on the warm and cozy treatment table for your acupuncture session. Once the acupuncture points are set, I leave the room and you will remain for 20-45 minutes, at which time I return to remove the needles.

Once you are up and ready, we meet in the reception where you take care of scheduling and payment and any herbs or supplements are explained.

What to wear:

Come as you are! If clothing is inhibiting access to a specific point, you can simply remove the clothing and lay under a sheet.

Arrival and Parking:

Alameda Office:
The building has a security door with instructions. To get buzzed in, you dial my listed code (002) and that allows me to buzz you in.

A note about parking: There are three options, all within 3 blocks:

  • 4 spots in the building driveway (just don’t block the ramp)
  • On street parking (non-metered)
  • Note about handicap parking: There are no designated spots for handicap use. If you are in need of a handicap space, you can note it at time of booking or call/email to let me know.