As a member of the LGBTQ community, founder and owner, Tracy Zollinger created Island Acupuncture to serve the needs of every person seeking care. The LGBTQ+ community has unique needs, which require respect, knowledge, and experience to effectively meet. Understanding, supporting and bringing ease to the hormonal process of those transitioning, trying to conceive, or experiencing any hormonal imbalance or shift is at our core. This passion is embedded in the culture of Island Acupuncture.

We utilize the training provided by Family Equality to ensure every member of Island Acupuncture is informed and sensitive to LGBTQ+ needs and, more specifically, transgender and non-binary fertility considerations.

We build personal treatment plans for:

  • Gender affirming practices related to transitioning socially, medically or surgically
  • Transgender, non-binary+, gay, lesbian, bisexual fertility and family planning
  • Pregnancy care
  • Preparation for surrogacy
  • Working with your gestational carrier during pregnancy
  • Helping you prepare for egg or sperm extraction

At Island Acupuncture you will feel safe, respected, heard, and valued as we help you achieve your treatment plan goals. You come as you are into an environment that welcomes you with open arms.