Come Celebrate!

Join me, and my co-host Celina Trevino, for the 2015 open house and help me celebrate my new business name, Island Acupuncture!

When: Tue, Sept 29, 5:30p-6:30p
Where: 2424 Blanding Ave, Alameda

Bring your family and friends to this event and enjoy light healthy food from WesCafe, wine from R&B Cellars (no-host), and RAFFLE PRIZES.  This is a great chance to show your loved ones where you spend your time at the clinic.

No RSVP necessary! The more the merrier!

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4 Tips to Reduce Your Stress.

Stress is a part of our daily lives living in a metropolitan area.  Chinese medicine defines stress as unfulfilled desires, which sums it up well.  We keep ourselves busy from the time we wake until bedtime.  Even worse, we often put off bedtime to do even more things!  This pressured way of living causes our bodies to pump out stress hormones, like cortisol, which disrupt everything from our digestion to our immune system. Stress increases insulin levels, which impacts metabolism and encourages weight gain.

You can reduce the affects of stress TODAY using these 4 tools:

  • Exercise – siphon off those stress hormones
  • Sleep – Make sure you sleep 8 hours/night (Chinese medicine may help if you have insomnia)
  • Calm your mind – meditation, binaural beat, tai qi, or sit quietly for 10 or more minutes
  • Get organized – knowing where to put things and where to find them goes a long way. Hire an organizer if this is a challenging area.

Are you doing all you can to reduce the impact of stress on your body? Do the 4 tools feel overwhelming? As a practitioner of Chinese medicine, I  have the tools to help your unique needs and be a true health partner.

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Eat Your Cocoa

Great news! More research confirms the health benefits of cocoa. Specifically, showing how cocoa boosts production of good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers bad cholesterol (LDL). Cocoa does this through an antioxidant group called polyphenols.
Of course, moderation is the key with nutrition. Overdoing anything good will make it harmful so don’t run out to the store and stock up on truffles and candy bars. Quality makes a difference, too. Remember that it is the cocoa in chocolate that is beneficial, not the sugar and other ingredients. So make your chocolate as dark as you can take it and enjoy in moderation.

Some other sources of polyphenols are:
• Honey
• Legumes
• Some fruit: Apples, blueberries, pears and more.
• Some vegetables: broccoli, celery, onion, parsley
• Red wine
• Green Tea
• Olive Oil

In addition to the cholesterol benefits of Polyphenols, they have been shown to:
• Lower inflammation associated with coronary artery disease.
• The polyphenols in green tea (epigallocatechin gallate) have been connected to prevention of some cancers (shouldn’t be consumed if currently receiving certain cancer medications). The key is to steep your tea in moderately hot water. Too hot and you destroy the beneficial components.
• Boosting your immune system.

Now, off to enjoy a cup of green tea and square of extra dark chocolate 🙂

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Allergy Prevention and Awareness

Allergies plaguing you? Stop suffering and get treatment that fixes the problem instead of just the symptoms.  In Chinese Medicine, we treat chronic seasonal diseases one season prior to the symptoms. That means that for summer allergy sufferers who want to avoid itchy eyes, runny nose, cough, and cold-like symptoms, treatment ideally would start in the spring. Waiting until the allergy season is already upon you is effective for the symptoms but not prevention of the condition. With that said, it is better to start now rather than wait another year. You can also try these Allergy Self-Help tips to alleviate your symptoms.

Allergies, whether seasonal or otherwise, are a sign that the body’s immune system is hyper responsive. The body should respond to foreign invaders (pollen, molds, etc.) by exploding mast cells to release histamine that will circulate in the body to deal with the invader. The problem is that allergy sufferers over respond to invaders causing a systemic response far beyond what is needed. What is left is an over production of mucus and an exhausted immune system.

Chinese Medicine works very specifically to prevent future allergy attacks and attain balance. In my clinic, I use a combination of supplements, herbs and acupuncture to treat allergies. Dietary changes may be needed as well. Acupuncture is used to mediate the current “crisis” of the immune system, helping the body not be so hyper responsive. It is also used to strengthen the immune system and reduce irritating symptoms. Herbs are prescribed to further strengthen the immune system (or Wei Qi in Chinese Medicine) and help the body deal with the influx of fluids as well as reduce the histamine response.

Supplements, like Quercetin, are used to reduce systemic inflammation and block the mast cells from exploding. This action of blocking the mast cells stops the process at the start of the immune response and allows the herbs to work more effectively to boost the immune system. Every time an allergy sufferer has a full-blown allergy attack, their body must deal with the inflammation that occurs throughout their entire body. Stopping the mast cells from exploding reduces this effect.

Treating allergies holistically and thoroughly may rid you of them forever. Anything short of that is just a band-aid. Do yourself a favor and seek treatment today!

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Brain Food! Delicious Ways to Help Your Brain.

Looking for delicious ways to increase your brain’s potential and decrease your demential risk? Include these foods in your healthy diet to increase your brain’s overall health and memory. Just a serving a day can help.

  • Blueberries – these little gems are known to help improve overall learning capacity, motor skills, and memory recall.  They are rich in antioxidants that help reverse the effects of aging on the brain.
  • Fish – Omega-3 rich fish (wild salmon, tuna, and herring) improve oxygenation to the brain, which allows us to remember new and old information better. This healthy fat also coats our neurons, improving brain signal speed.
  • Leafy Green Vegetables – boost memory recall with cabbage, kale, spinach, collards, turnip greens and others that are rich in vitamins, folate, and iron.
  • Nuts/Seeds – just a palmful of nuts or seeds each day may improve your memory and cognitive function. Nuts are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, folate, vitamin E, vitamin B6 and zinc all of which allow you to think more clearly.
  • Whole Grains – Rich in folate, thiamine, vitamin B6, and zinc, the nutrients found in whole grains increase blood flow to the brain, improving the quality and quantity of brain function and recall. Small portions of whole grains are best.

Take a few or all of these tips and start implementing them in your life today.  Making a change can start in small ways that yield a big impact.

Check out more tips outlined in my previous blog entry.


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